Quality Policy

The Fibrex Construction Group recognises the importance of Governance, Assurance and Continuous Improvement for the successful delivery of all its activities.

The Group is committed to continuously deliver ‘Safety, Quality and Performance’ throughout all our operations and services. We aim to provide our clients with quality driven, cost effective solutions within the large array of products and services we offer.

This policy is a declaration of the Group’s commitment and overriding objective to deliver ‘Safety, Quality and Performance’ across all our activities ensuring we comply with legislative, regulatory, contractual and other Key Performance Indicators (KPI) in the most sustainable and professional manner to meet and exceed our client and stakeholder expectations.

The Group objectives of this policy are to ensure that we;

  • Continually improve our overriding commitment and objective to deliver ‘Safety, Quality and Performance’.
  • Ensure our Management System is compliant with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 and other applicable ISO standards, these are maintained through regular audits and management review meetings.
  • To work closely with all employees and supply chain to ensure they are aware of their obligations and receive appropriate training to ensure the Group objective towards ‘Safety, Quality and Performance’ is maintained and continuously improved through best practice.
  • To promote the use of innovative solutions, technologies and construction methods.
  • Ensure that every contract has a Strategy and Management plan in place and identify and mitigate all risks to an acceptable level
  • Pursue business excellence through continuous improvement and preventative management.
  • Establish Key Performance Indicators and regularly review and evaluate our performance, resource, and the continuing validity of our policies.

The Group aim to meet and exceed the requirements of our clients through the deployment of an integrated management system and is applied across all Group activities. We promote sustainable construction and living practices through compliance with the requirements of local and international sustainable models, benchmarking, and rating systems such as, Estidama, LEED and Green Building Regulations.

The Management team is committed to provide leadership and resource and set KPI’s at all levels of the Group to ensure these objectives are achieved.

This policy will be communicated to all staff via internal memo and copies will be posted at all our office locations. It is the responsibility of all employees to become familiar and comply with this policy and all related documents. Furthermore, it will be made available to all interested parties via our website.

This policy will be reviewed annually, and will be adapted as and when changes to the company occur.