Highland Division

Highland Building Products are manufactured in conjunction with the Wetherby Group of Companies which specializes in the manufacture of high quality construction products.

Technical Capabilities From our local production facilities we are producing high quality technically innovative products providing superior performance in the most demanding situations.

Highland Building Products employs highly qualified technical and laboratory staff who offer an in depth understanding of building materials and products.

Highland technical department are able to offer the following services to our clients;

  • Site visits, investigations and product recommendation
  • Selection of raw materials
  • Design of products to suit clients’ needs
  • Monitoring of quality
  • Training of customers

Manufacturing Facilities

Highland Building Products have a fully automated manufacturing system that allows for the formulation of each product to be computer controlled, with batches weighed, mixed and packed under controlled circumstances.

Highland Building Products has the capacity to produce over 250 tones of powder products and litres 30,000 of liquid product per day.

The range of products currently offered to both Fibrex Contracting and external clients includes;

  • Tiling Adhesives & Grouts- Highgrout products for non-shrink & standard grouting
  • Mold Release Agents- Cretelease for concrete casting applications
  • Flooring compounds- Floor hardener and floor screeding products
  • Waterproofing- Highseal products for all waterproofing requirements
  • Concrete Repair Mortars- Highcrete products for every aspect of concrete repairs
  • Backing Coates- Keycoat products for surface preparation for plastering
  • Cement Plasters- Fibrocem products for plaster applications to concrete walls
  • Additives & Admixtures- For all type of specialist concrete uses
  • Insulation Systems- For all types of insulation requirements
  • Masonry Mortars- For all types of block laying & fixing
  • Curing Compounds- wax based, silicate based and polymer based curing compounds

All Highland products are fully Quality Assured and have achieved British Board of Aggregmente Certification