Our ‘off site’ modular production facilities put the methods employed by Fibrex at the forefront of modern construction methods reducing the risks and uncertainties encountered on site.​

By producing high quality bathroom pods in a controlled factory environment for delivery and installation at site saves both time and money for our Clients.​

Each pod undergoes rigorous quality assessment before leaving the factory, with every unit subject to integrity testing of the structure & plumbing and inspection of the finishes to ensure zero defects and complete customer satisfaction. The factory finished units are delivered to site where minimal site works are required for installation the units allow for significant program and cost efficiencies to be realized.​

  • Full potential of GRC POD’s could be utilized making the whole construction process more economical and less labor intensive by prefabricating areas of buildings in factory conditions.​
  • Fibrex provides readymade bathroom units incorporating finishes as part of the manufacturing process.​
  • The process of manufacture utilizes special molds which allow the bathroom to be manufactured as a single unit integrally waterproofed and incorporating all finishes and services.