Design and Engineerig Capability

We are dedicated to continuous development and innovation to design, planning, engineering and methods of construction in façade industry. Our experienced multinational technical professionals provide an array of services to suit the specific needs of the project ranging from conceptual design development, research and development, engineering coordination, alternative material selection, value engineering

Research & Development and Design is the backbone for the success of Fibrex Composites. The Team of Professional addresses the bespoke engineering solution to the façades and other requirements based on the client expectations.

We are also proud to have been selected to participate in the 1998 UAE ‘Offset’ programme, and are one of the first companies in the UAE to complete the program.

The ‘state of the art’ production facilities are designed to integrate with fast track construction programmes, enabling large volumes of production to high standards resulting in reduced durations on site, manpower, waste, and cost