From our established expertise in the ‘off site’ manufacturing of construction elements we have expanded to incorporate a specialized contracting business delivering ‘pre cast’ building system solutions. \

Casting concrete in a factory allows the manufacturer to exercise precise control over all variables that affect its durability, strength, and appearance.

We are able to offer an integrated pre cast solution, through the early involvement of our ‘in house’ pre cast designers and our main contracting expertise.

We are able to maximize the benefits of this innovative ‘off site’ production method by standardizing the design, designing the panels to accommodate the integration of other construction components and application of the most economic and efficient structural design.

We are able to offer cost and program efficiencies by designing out at the earliest possible stage ‘in situ’ processes, and replacing them with controlled, standardized and quality assured systems, delivering to site the elements which are efficiently lifted and placed into position.

Pre Cast applications include:

  • Precast High Rise Buildings and Towers
  • Precast Systems for Offices, Industrial Buildings, Warehouses and Camps
  • Precast Multi-Storey Car Parks
  • Precast Housing Compounds
  • Precast, Prestressed Hollow Core Slabs and Walls, Double Tees, Solid Slabs and Beams
  • Boundary Walls