Health & Safety Policy

The FIBREX Group recognizes the importance of occupational health, safety and welfare in the successful operation of the Company’s activities. This statement is a declaration of the Groups intent to establish a safe and healthy working environment for all of the Company’s undertakings. Every employee is expected to support and develop the Company’s attitude towards health and safety.

The Company’s system on Health and Safety, which is detailed in the Safety, Health & Environment Procedures & Guidance manual and in place to enable the aims of the Policy to be carried out, is regularly reviewed and communicated to all employees.

  • By development and implementation of safe working systems and practices it is possible to reduce the likelihood of accidents, incidents and cases of occupational ill health.
  • All undertaking will be conducted in such a way to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, that employees and others will not be exposed to risk as a result of our activities.
  • All work activities will be carried out with proper regard for the relevant statutory provisions and other appropriate standards.
  • All employees have a responsibility to work safely in line with statutory requirements and other appropriate standards and identify unsafe working situations.
  • In such cases work will cease until the situation has been investigated and rectified where necessary.
  • A commitment to consult with and train our employees to enable them to carry out their work safely which is an essential part of effective safety management.

Senior Management will set objectives and targets that will be regularly reviewed and revised. The aim is to achieve standards of occupational health, safety and welfare which exceed those solely necessary to meet legal requirements. The Company is committed to continual improvement of its occupational health and safety performance to ensure that the best practices are implemented.