Engineering & Design  

Fibrex employs a large ‘in house’ design and engineering experts, in addition to establishing relationships with international design consultants providing the design expertise to deliver the right solution to the most intricate or unusual construction projects.

Through these resources we are able to encompass all elements of the building process - finishings and interior decorations.

Fibrex expertise lies in their ability to understand, analyze and interpret the client’s requirements to deliver a product engineered and designed to offer the client the ‘best value’ for their investment.

Fibrex operates a Quality Management System which complies fully with BS EN ISO 9001:2000.

Compliance with the standard requires the high quality of planning, project management and execution which has become the hallmark of the Group. Originally accredited in 1999, Fibrex has maintained its accreditation through all the subsequent audits, both internal and external.

We are also proud to have been selected to participate in the 1998 UAE ‘Offset’ programme, and are one of the first companies in the UAE to complete the program.

Fibrex Construction Group is committed to providing a high quality construction management service that fully meets the requirements and expectations of its Clients.

We view the Quality Management System as a base for continuous improvement in efficiency, effectiveness and customer service.

It is therefore subject to regular audit, review and opportunities for improvement.

We carry out the construction works in strict compliance with any relevant statutory requirements and in accordance with the relevant Specification, Codes and International Standards.

We implement a system of self certification by means of inspection, testing and monitoring which inspires Client confidence in our services. We are committed to timely delivery through effective planning preparation and supervision.

We develop our people to enhance their quality awareness and ensure that they have the knowledge to understand their responsibilities.

ISO 9001 Certified